Signum Original

Signum Original is an authentication and tracking system that allows the identification of a product as original avoiding counterfeits.

In addition, it is a powerful tool for marketing and data analysis.



The verification is performed by client using his own mobile phone using a simple app that checks at the time if it is an original product.

Etiquetado de productos

Directed Marketing

Show useful information to your customers both before and after purchase, enhancing the choice of your products from the competition.

Imposible de falsificar

Data analysis

Check out the evolution and exports the data from your control panel with all the information about your products.

And that is not all. Signum Original contains some features and added functionality that provide other advantages:


It strengthens the brand image ensuring the quality of the products and creates a differentiation from competition.


A system that allows verification and management 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The traceability of the product allows you to know where it has sold exactly, which facilitates the design of specific campaigns in function of the product and the point of sale.


End customer can use the system to activate the product and register to start guarantee periods.


The user can consult the instructions, specifications, ingredients and product features.


A system that allows customers to verify the original product using any mobile device with Internet connection.


Reinforcement of the network of dealers by providing them with a tool that allows to certify products as originals from your competition.


It lets you know how many of the manufactured products have been sold to the customer even if the sale is by a third party.
Authentication & traceability
Protect your customers
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Protect your products protecting your customers

In the current market counterfeit products move 1.6 billion euros a year, damaging not only to producers of goods but to users who, in many cases, are unaware that they are acquiring a non-original product.

Protect your products from counterfeiting and protect customers who pay for purchasing an original product.

Authentication system

With Signum Original users can check immediately if a product is genuine, and can also access to its information.

Etiquetado de productos

Product labelling

Products include labelling with a QR code. It is a simple label that can be incorporated in the packaging process or later. Without expensive holograms or watermarks that increase costs.



The client performs verification with his own mobile phone using a simple app that checks at the time if it is an original product. With a single click and using a common smartphone without the need for special features.

Imposible de falsificar

Third-party guarantee

It is an independent system from product manufacturer, distributor and seller , which shows by what the customer can rely on the information system in real time and that informs both the manufacturer and the owner of the good.

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Economic problem

Counterfeit products is a direct problem for manufacturers, they no longer sell original products.

On the other hand, customers who want to buy an original product are being victims of a fraud, since they acquire goods that do not comply with the quality for which they are paying. The problems that occur in these cases can erode the image of the original brand.

In more and more occasions, the chains of distribution and marketing are victims of counterfeiting network. Once in the commercial circuit it is very expensive to differentiate original products from counterfeit.

300,000 counterfeit products

seized by the IRS in a single operation in 2015, worth 17.5 million euros - watch full

Electronics €2,600,000

Textile €6.700.000

Footwear €7.600.000

Bags and accessories €455.000

Security risk

Once the counterfeit product has been introduced in the chain of distribution or sale is very difficult to distinguish it from the original products.

Counterfeit labels, logos and branding cause product to apparent all the features of an original product, giving a feeling of false security to the buyer.

In the case of a composite system, the infiltration of a counterfeit product can compromise the reliability of the entire system.

Committed reliability

A counterfeit component involves costs that are much higher than the money that the manufacturer is not aware: the entire system which incorporates the piece can fail, causing a cost by the total over the damages arising from the failure.

Social impact

If two reliable vendors selling the same product at different prices, in a normal competitive market customers will tend to choose the cheapest.

In a market distorted by counterfeiting clients cannot take a right decision, which alters the competition, since customers do not know if the price is cheaper because it is possible that the products are not original or the seller is more efficient than its competition.


The losses caused by counterfeit products affects both manufacturers and distributors and sellers. It is estimated that 24,000 jobs per year due to losses caused by counterfeit products that reach the market are not created in Spain.

Directed Marketing
Segmentation by product | Product positioning | Reinforcement of sale
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Directed Marketing

Signum Original is also a powerful tool of marketing that will allow you to launch your message to an audience that is actively consulting your product.

La ventaja que ofrece este canal de comunicacíón es que, a diferencia de una estrategia generalista o incluso segmentada, la acción de marketing se realiza sobre clientes que, o bien están evaluando seriamente la compra del producto (con lo que se pueden realzar las ventajas competitivas del producto frente a la competencia), o bien ya lo ha adquirido (con lo que se puede mejorar el posicionamiento del producto y la satisfacción por la compra realizada, afianzando la fidelidad del cliente).

A channel with many possibilities

Show your customers product certifications, how is elaborated, their main qualities, recommendations of use or consumption and differences with the competition. Show a video about the product and even make a bidirectional channel collecting the opinion of your customers.

Get the client to become an expert in your product

Your product has a number of qualities that differentiate it from the competition. However, it is possible that your clients are unaware of them, or at least many of them.

Offer a fast and easy access to relevant information of your product, reinforcing the positioning and loyalty.

Data analysis
Statistical analysis | Geolocation of requests | Control panels | Active graphics
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Data analysis

Know how many times the QR code of each of the products individually is scanned, when, where and with what type of device. Download this information to take it wherever you need.

Create and manage your own control panels with the most relevant information. Do you need to measure the impact on your own web site? It integrates the system with your web site to see the results in Google Analytics.

Geo-localized information

Get information readings made by customers about your products with their geolocation data, and analyse the behaviour on the basis of geographical distribution.